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Limits will be set on international student numbers

​​​​​​​The draft International Education and Skills Strategic Framework was released by the Minister for Education, Minister for Skills and Training and the Minister for Home Affairs on 11 May 2024. These amendments will enable the government to set limits on:

  • the number of new enrolments at an education provider, including for particular courses and locations

  • delivery of courses identified as having persistent quality and integrity issues

  • courses with limited value to Australia’s skills needs.

The Strategic Framework will complement work delivered by the Department of Home Affairs as part of the Migration Strategy, including:

  • introducing a priority processing ministerial direction giving priority to low risk providers (Ministerial Direction 107)

  • increasing minimum English language requirements, designed to facilitate student success and curb migrant worker exploitation

  • a new genuine student requirement, to ensure student visa applicants genuinely intend to successfully complete a course of study in Australia (replacing the genuine temporary entry requirement)

  • increases to the Financial Capacity Requirement for Student and Student Guardian visas; and

  • creating regulations to support suspension powers that prevent unscrupulous education providers from recruiting international students for purposes not intended by their visas.

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